• Description of the section


    This section gives the main international studies analysing possible links between exposure to electromagnetic fields and harmful health effects.

    It also explains the positions of the different organisations after analysing the conclusions from the main international scientific studies.

    In recent years, various bodies and committees of competent experts— (2009) SCENIHR, (2010) STATENS STRÅLSKYDDSINSTITUT – SSI (Sweden), (2010) Health Protection Agency (United Kingdom), (2009) Health Council of the Netherlands (The Netherlands), (2009) ICNIRP, (2010) European Health Risk Assessment Network on Electromagnetic Fields Exposure (EFHRAN), (2010) Health Canada Statement on Radiofrequency Energy and Wi-Fi Equipment—have all indicated:

    According to the scientific information currently available, no conclusive evidence has been observed to establish a cause-effect relationship between exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields and harmful effects on health if exposure levels are under the maximum permitted levels indicated in the ICNIRP recommendations.